India's Cup

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India was Named 7th Wealthiest Country

Photo via Flickr The recent study showed that when it comes to total individual wealth, India cleans up pretty well: not only did it make […]

Time for Fun and Games: Amusement Parks in India

Have you taken the Rickshaw Challenge? Are you up for an encore? If so, you’ll fall in love with these amusement parks in India. Park […]

Five Things You Have to See on the India’s Cup

In less then a year, the India’s Cup is kicking off, and we can’t wait to throw ourselves into the wilderness with our adventurous participants. […]

World’s Luckiest Man Survives Crash, Wins the Lottery

This 62-year-old man from Kerala really is the luckiest person alive: after surviving the Emirates plane crash, he went and won the lottery. Feature photo […]

Drink with Style: India’s Best Vineyards

Photo via Creative Commons When we think of vineyards, there are some regions that immediately spring to mind: Italy, France, South America… however, we often forget […]

India’s First Penguins Come to Mumbai Zoo

Exciting news for Mumbaikars (and Indians all over, really): India’s first penguins have arrived to the Byculla Zoo. With their cute faces and wacky strides, […]

The Income of the Taj Mahal

We know that it is one of the most famous buildings to see in India; our social media accounts are littered with people posing in […]

Uniting People: Auroville

You might have heard of this extraordinary city in the south of India, a place whose one and only goal is to unite people, regardless […]

Beautiful Buildings in India That Were Made to Amaze

We love to be surrounded with nice things, and architecture is definitely included – if you are planning on joining us on the the India’s […]

Sleep in the Milky Way: India’s Highest Hostel

Chances are, you’re a person who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. After all, you’re reading this article on the website of a rally across […]