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Take Me To Thanjavur… and Leave Me There Forever

Thanjavur is one of the gems of Tamilnadu. It is a melting pot of ancient architecture, culture and religion, with UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered […]

Smartphone Apps for Travelling in India

You don’t have to be the most organized person in the world to be prepared for your journey… the only things you’ll really need is […]

Wacky Creatures – Strange Animals in India

While one might be prone to believe that there are magical creatures in more exotic corners of our planet, I have to disappoint you – […]

Indian Money-Money-Money

Travelling to India will also mean having to pay for all that delicious food and relics with Indian money, which can get pretty confusing for […]

The Magical Food in Tamilnadu

Rallying through India is full of excitement – but it’s also tiring. Let’s face the facts: you are bound to get hungry sooner or later. […]

Panaji, You Charming Little Thing!

goa or kerala

Also known by its old Portuguese name Panjim, the capital of Goa is a true gem to be discovered. With a small population of 114,759 inhabitants, […]

Chennai Floods and The Reasons Behind Them

The obvious reason for the floods in Tamilnadu is straightforward enough: India’s southern region hasn’t seen this much rain in over a century. However, as it […]

Devastating Floods in Chennai

Floods have swiftly, mercilessly hit Chennai after a whole rains of constant rains in November and December. The community, however, has really come together to […]

Driving In India – Finding Order in Chaos

The moment your Ambassador’s engine revs up and you leave the start line, there’s no turning back: in India, all of your driving skills will […]

Tips for Visiting India as a First-Timer

India – country of colors and spices, home to more than one billion people and completely different to everything we know in Western Europe. A […]