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The Curries of Southern India

Each state we visit has its own specialities. Photo by The India’s Cup minimal assistance rally specialises in the adventure and excitement of the […]

The Coastlines of Southern India

Southern India has a varied and beautiful coastline. On the India’s Cup minimal assistance rally we stick to land — we drive right across Southern India, […]

India’s Largest States

What are India’s largest states? We’ve told you India’s smallest states. Now it’s time to reveal the largest states of India. We don’t visit them all […]

Tea Varieties of India

You can’t visit India without trying the tea. The India’s Cup minimal assistance adventure rally isn’t just about the excitement of racing across Southern India. […]

The Major Rivers of India

indian rivers

India is home to some of the world’s most beautiful rivers. On the India’s Cup minimal assistance adventure rally we see much of the beauty of […]

Why You Need to See Ooty


Some of our favourite photos of Ooty. Photo by Dibesh Thakuri   You can understand why Udhagamandalam is known as Ooty. It would be a shame if […]

Marina Beach, Chennai

Marina Beach

If you’re in Chennai, you have to check out Marina Beach. Photo by Prashant Ram The India’s Cup begins in Chennai, and before the event starts you […]

The Scotland of India

Is Coorg, in Karnataka, really the Scotland of India? On the India’s Cup, as we drive through Karnataka, we pass pretty close by a place […]

The Life of India… In a Day

india in a day

Can any film capture India’s infinite variety? This comes close. On October 10th 2015, India’s all across the country were asked to film their day. […]