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The Major Rivers of India

3 November 2017
indian rivers

India is home to some of the world’s most beautiful rivers.

On the India’s Cup minimal assistance adventure rally we see much of the beauty of Southern India, but even through we travel vast distances, we can’t come close to seeing even half of the natural wonders the sub-continent has to offer. India is blessed with many rivers, some of which are famous throughout the world for their beauty and spiritual importance. These are the major rivers of India:



Indian rivers

Photo by Deepraj

One of the major rivers of Asia, also flowing through China and Bangladesh, the Brahmaputa is the 15th longest river on earth.



A historically important river, the Indus Valley civilization arose during the Bronze Age.



The Ganges is a sacred river to Hinduism, and the world’s third largest river by discharge; however, it is now highly polluted.



The Godavari is the longest river in Southern India, and originates in the Western Ghats, which we drive through on the India’s Cup.



Also known as Krishnaveni, the Krishna river travels 1400 miles, right across the width of Southern India.



Known as the “Life line of Madhya Pradesh”, the Narmada is often considered the boundary between Northern and Southern India.



A tributary of the Ganges, it is on the banks of the Yamuna that the Taj Mahal is situated.



Prone to sever flooding, the Mahanadi was traditionally known as the “the sorrow of Orissa” (the state now known as Odisha).



The route of the Kaveri is similar to that of the India’s Cup; originating in the Western Ghats, it flows through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.



The Tapti, a Central Indian river, flowing through Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, may have been named after the daughter of the Sun God Surya.


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