You know you want to do it. But first a few questions…

Anybody holding a valid driving license for their vehicle of choice can sign up. You should also be sound of mind and body, technically, but that’s all covered in the terms and conditions. We have no age restrictions, but if you have any concerns, please ask the organisers.

The whole point of going on an adventure is to explore the unknown, so you will be driving unfamiliar territory and you will get lost! Chances are you’re going to get lost a lot – and that’s part of the fun! Fortunately, you’ll find your way out of the woods with a little help from your friends.

Your fellow rally companions, who in the spirit of the event, will always try to lend you a helping hand (although sometimes they’re just as clueless and will send on a wild goose chase) and help you as much as they can. Getting lost should also be seen as a blessing in disguise, since it will force you to go out there and talk to the locals. They know the land like the back of their hand, and you can learn a little about their lives and the local culture. Don’t be shy – you’ll find they’re really friendly and are more than happy to help.

However, if you’re hopelessly lost and there are no team members or smiling local people around, then your support will include a pre-paid mobile which you can use to call up another team for help and if required, a rescue.

If you’re tech-minded, we know what you’re thinking, but a GPS won’t be much use if your road gets washed away by the monsoon rain, nor can it predict where you’re likely to come across potholed roads decided to camp there.

After we’ve processed your Team Registration Form and we’ve told you that your place is confirmed, you can set about planning the trip. You’ll need all the usual paperwork that you need when travelling like:

• Your passport (with the correct visa, if applicable)
• Travel insurance
• Driving license
• International Driving Permit (for non-Indians)
• Vehicle Registration Document for Deluxe Teams (provided by the India’s Cup team)

We also strongly advise that you make copies of all the relevant documents. If you’re only coming along as a passenger then you will not need a driving license.

Administration for our rallies is a full-time and year-round job, where the organizers and the additional staff in multiple offices across the globe. Whether it’s in head office, on the road or just scouting the route, we work hard to make things run as smooth as possible for the participants so that everyone has the time of their lives! Your fees help us to undertake route planning, research, logistics, and all the necessary administration while being able to pay our hard working staff! Apart from the above, your fee also includes:

• A detailed Road Book
• Vehicle, permit and documents for Deluxe Teams
• Rally gear
• Parties and activities along the route
• Coordination of charity events
• Visa assistance (if required)
• Survival kits
• Organizer assistance
• Training sessions to drive in India

The deadline for the entrance fee is 30 days before the start of the respective challenge. We encourage you to send it in early to guarantee your place in the event.

– 40% of the registration fee is payable on sign-up to secure place
– balance 60% is due 30 days before start of event

We try to be as flexible as possible but please be aware that if full payment is not received on time we reserve the right to reallocate your place to another participant.

 Your payment options are PayPal and bank wire transfer.

If you chose the Deluxe Package and rent a car from us, we will also ask you for a security deposit, which can be made as follows:

  • PayPal (recommended due to faster processing time and faster refunds)
  • Cash (payable during registration)
  • Credit Card (8.5% surcharge due to administration costs/bank fees)

We have a liberal definition of a team, which means a team can be 1 to 3 persons depending on the vehicle too.

If you’re on the Basic package, then accommodation is your responsibility, but we’re not going to leave you to fend for yourself. In the road book, we’ll give you the list of our official hotels, in case you change your mind. If you do find an alternative though, we do recommend reserving in advance. Those who opt for the Standard or Deluxe won’t need to worry, because we’ve got you covered with the Travel Scientists’ base camp for the night.

Well, India is not exactly famed for having great roads, but that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it? Don’t expect smooth highways and homogenous roadways, but rather dirt roads, potholes within potholes, monsoon induced landslides, and also the possibility that your road might not exist anymore! The route is designed so that least once.

While in theory we should say bad luck, you might find breaking down is the best and most memorable experience en route. You’ll get to test your own mechanical skills, or you’ll have to reach out to the locals or test your teammate’s nerves. If everything went smoothly there would be no stories to tell!

All participants are required to have the official India’s Cup stickers on their vehicle. However some teams like to offset the cost of the rally or increase their charity donations by finding their own team sponsors. We say go for it!

You’ll be fine with a tourist visa, so just contact your local Indian embassy for more information and for any visa application processing. It’s best to apply early, we recommend at least 30 days before departure, just in case there are any issues or delays.

Whenever you travel somewhere new there are always risks, especially when you go to a new country. We believe that as long as you employ common sense and obey the local rules, you’ll probably do just fine. Of course, because this is a minimal assistance rally, you won’t have a support or rescue team, so anything can happen, but that’s the whole point of being on an adventure. Be sure to understand the risks. Just follow the Road Book and use common sense, and everything should be just fine!

You don’t need a GPS to take part in the India’s Cup, but if you want to use one – go ahead. The routes can be easily followed, and we’ll give you enough maps and navigational guides to make things run smoothly.

Before travelling to India, we highly recommend you talk to your doctor or check into a traveller’s clinic to find out what kind of vaccinations or pills you need for the trip. We also recommend you put your own medical kit together. We recommend bringing:

• Pain killers
• Ointments for insect bites
• High SPF sunscreen
• Insect repellent
• Tweezers and needles
• Antiseptic alcohol
• Thermometer
• Eye drops
• Vitamins
• Antibiotics
• Anti-diarrhea medication
• General First-aid.

That depends on you and what you want to spend your money on. You’ll definitely want to bring enough to cover costs like food, drink, accommodation (if you’re not doing the hotel package), plus some extra cash for emergencies or souvenirs. You’ll find ATMs and exchange offices in all the major cities we’ll visit, but do make sure you have access to funds. From our other rallies in India, our participants find that €40 a day is sufficient. The currency used in India is the Indian Rupee (INR).