India's Cup

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Quirky and Fun: Themed Restaurants in India

Let’s face the cold, hard facts: rallying through India is not an easy job and is bound to make you very, very hungry. So, why […]

“One Mad Drive”: The India’s Cup Experience, As Told By Mal

To embark on a travel adventure involving India, cars and driving endless hours through unknown places, one needs to have a certain inclination to leave […]

Buddha Purnima in India

One of the most important Buddhist festivals, Buddha Purnima in India in celebrated on the full moon day in April/May, or the Hindu month of […]

Dabbawalas in Mumbai Take a Step Towards Helping the Poor

 To fight hunger in the busy city and raise awareness, Dabbawalas in Mumbai decided that they would do everything in their power to make sure […]

Akshaya Tritiya: The Day of Gold

A holy festival among Hindus and Jains, Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious day on which people are urged to embark on new ventures and buy […]

The Mesmerizing Beaches of Tamilnadu

Marina Beach

With a longer than 1000 km coastline, the Southern Indian state boasts of quite the variety of sandy shores, many of which have a lot of attractions […]

India’s Underwater Train

Wow! India doesn’t mess around when it comes to tourism, that’s for sure. The plans are grandiose, but why shouldn’t they be? India is among […]

24/7 Tourist Helpline in India For Your Rescue

The government is always coming up with ways to help tourists visiting the country… and the 24/7 Tourist Helpline in India is a perfect example […]

Just Released: NASA Images of India

Recently, NASA uploaded three million breath-taking images of our planet, snapped since 1999. They used Japan’s ASTER to do this, recording surface temperatures and reflectance. […]

The Best Cooking Classes in India

  We could never deny that we are Indian food fanatics. We could eat it day and night, for breakfast and as a midnight snack, […]