India was Named 7th Wealthiest Country

Photo via Flickr The recent study showed that when it comes to total individual wealth, India cleans up pretty well: not only did it make it to the top ten list, it landed the rank of 7th wealthiest country. The survey conducted by New World Health revealed interesting numbers when […]

Five Things You Have to See on the India’s Cup

In less then a year, the India’s Cup is kicking off, and we can’t wait to throw ourselves into the wilderness with our adventurous participants. So, to help everyone prepare and get hyped about the impending quest, we put together a list of things that everyone absolutely has to see […]

World’s Luckiest Man Survives Crash, Wins the Lottery

This 62-year-old man from Kerala really is the luckiest person alive: after surviving the Emirates plane crash, he went and won the lottery. Feature photo via flickr Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar, a Dubai expat originally from Kerala, must be a very good man, because karma has smiled on him. Big […]

Drink with Style: India’s Best Vineyards

Photo via Creative Commons When we think of vineyards, there are some regions that immediately spring to mind: Italy, France, South America… however, we often forget one place that has become increasingly popular with tourists: India’s best vineyards are absolutely amazing. Off to the tasting rooms we go!   Chateau d’Ori […]

India’s First Penguins Come to Mumbai Zoo

Exciting news for Mumbaikars (and Indians all over, really): India’s first penguins have arrived to the Byculla Zoo. With their cute faces and wacky strides, they will surely become the next big stars of the country. Bollywood, beware! There are new kids on the block – namely, eight Humboldt penguins, […]

The Income of the Taj Mahal

We know that it is one of the most famous buildings to see in India; our social media accounts are littered with people posing in front of it. But can you imagine just how much the income of the Taj Mahal is? If you can’t imagine, or would rather not […]

Uniting People: Auroville

You might have heard of this extraordinary city in the south of India, a place whose one and only goal is to unite people, regardless of age, faith, race: Auroville. Photo via Creative Commons   Sounds great, doesn’t it? Spending a couple of days, or even living in a place […]

Beautiful Buildings in India That Were Made to Amaze

We love to be surrounded with nice things, and architecture is definitely included – if you are planning on joining us on the the India’s Cup, you should also take time to check out these beautiful buildings in India. Photo via Creative Commons   Infosys – Pune This company is […]

Sleep in the Milky Way: India’s Highest Hostel

Chances are, you’re a person who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. After all, you’re reading this article on the website of a rally across India! It is also a safe bet that you love travelling and trying out new and exciting things. So why not give India’s highest hostel […]

Quirky and Fun: Themed Restaurants in India

Let’s face the cold, hard facts: rallying through India is not an easy job and is bound to make you very, very hungry. So, why not enjoy a meal in one of these extremely cool themed restaurants in India?   Silver Metro, Bengaluru If you enjoy getting from point A […]