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Beautiful Buildings in India That Were Made to Amaze

8 July 2016

We love to be surrounded with nice things, and architecture is definitely included – if you are planning on joining us on the the India’s Cup, you should also take time to check out these beautiful buildings in India.

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Infosys – Pune

This company is a global leader in things like consulting, outsourcing and technology. It seems like they also became leaders in Energy and Environmental Design not so long ago, receiving the Platinum level for sustainable building design, awarded to them by the Indian Green Building Council. Thus, the huge, egg-shaped building is not only good-looking, but has clever functionalities regarding the conservation of our environment. Double points for that!


Lotus Temple, Delhi

An extravagant, extraordinary and astonishing building in Delhi, this temple is our favourite among all the beautiful buildings in India. Not surprisingly, the structure has won many awards for its good looks, and its concept regarding religion is quite appealing, too: the temple is open to everyone and anyone, regardless of beliefs. Fun fact: The building is made up of 27 free-standing marble petals. The huge building can fit up to 2,500 people and it is one of the most popular sites in the world – according to CNN, the Lotus Temple was listed as one of the most visited buildings in 2001.

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The Auroville Dome, Pondicherry

Matri Mandir Ashram Gold Auroville Golden Dome

Matri Mandir Ashram Gold Auroville Golden Dome

A golden beehive, or a futuristic mansion of somebody from an alternate universe, the Auroville Dome was made so everything about is screams divinity and radiance. As to what might be inside the magical sphere – well, it is a gigantic meditation hall. It is also called Matrimandir, and visitors are all warned: the building is not a tourist site; people come here to meditate and reflect in peace and quiet. Nevertheless, you can witness this amazing structure free of cost and even walk into the inner chambers. And who knows, maybe you will want to meditate a bit once you’ve stepped inside…


Infinity Towers, Kolkata

If you want to see something colossal, then go to Kolkata. There is a good reason that the Infinity Towers were named the way they were: 1.3 million square feet. The Towers were built by Hafeez Contractor, and somehow, they managed to find the perfect harmony of metal, glass and stones – the complex looks absolutely gorgeous! It functions mainly as a business centre, and boy, must it be a fool-proof way to impress potential clients!


UB City, Bangalore

India’s first luxury mall, UB City is definitely a looker – it is also 1 million square feet large, which leaves quite some room for shops. It is located in the Central Business District on 13 acres and quite frankly, the towers look like structures out of a fairy-tale (or at least from a parallel universe). Naturally, helipads and multi-level parking are included in the buildings, along with an apartment complex, food courts, pubs and bars, health clubs and – of course – umpteen shops. At least now you’ll know where to go shopping the next time you join us on an adventure (wink-wink)!

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