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June, 2016

Sleep in the Milky Way: India’s Highest Hostel

Chances are, you’re a person who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. After all, you’re reading this article on the website of a rally across India! It is also a safe bet that you love travelling and trying out new and exciting things. So why not give India’s highest hostel […]

Quirky and Fun: Themed Restaurants in India

Let’s face the cold, hard facts: rallying through India is not an easy job and is bound to make you very, very hungry. So, why not enjoy a meal in one of these extremely cool themed restaurants in India?   Silver Metro, Bengaluru If you enjoy getting from point A […]

“One Mad Drive”: The India’s Cup Experience, As Told By Mal

To embark on a travel adventure involving India, cars and driving endless hours through unknown places, one needs to have a certain inclination to leave his/her comfort zone. Well, Mal Gudgeon did just that: he was looking for an adventure. And alas, it seems like he found one… Tell us a […]