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April, 2016

The Mesmerizing Beaches of Tamilnadu

Marina Beach

With a longer than 1000 km coastline, the Southern Indian state boasts of quite the variety of sandy shores, many of which have a lot of attractions to keep tourists busy. So, here are the most beautiful beaches of Tamilnadu that are worth visiting. Photo by Prashant Ram   Marina Beach This […]

India’s Underwater Train

Wow! India doesn’t mess around when it comes to tourism, that’s for sure. The plans are grandiose, but why shouldn’t they be? India is among those countries that have the longest railway network. And, as we know, novelties are always welcome: India’s underwater train will be one special tourist (and […]

24/7 Tourist Helpline in India For Your Rescue

The government is always coming up with ways to help tourists visiting the country… and the 24/7 Tourist Helpline in India is a perfect example of these efforts. The government of India is incredibly proactive on the matters of foreigners visiting the country. To be more specific: they are always […]

Just Released: NASA Images of India

Recently, NASA uploaded three million breath-taking images of our planet, snapped since 1999. They used Japan’s ASTER to do this, recording surface temperatures and reflectance. Now, without further ado, here are the hows and whys, followed by the NASA images of India.   NASA’s Terra flagship satellite has been equipped […]