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January, 2016

Smartphone Apps for Travelling in India

You don’t have to be the most organized person in the world to be prepared for your journey… the only things you’ll really need is these smartphone apps for travelling in India, and come any situation, you’ll come out on top.  Stay informed, keep to your plans, save time, eat well and learn […]

Wacky Creatures – Strange Animals in India

While one might be prone to believe that there are magical creatures in more exotic corners of our planet, I have to disappoint you – no whalewolves or sharktopuses here! However, there really are some very strange animals in India…   Indian Purple Frog   Ha-ha… sorry, frog, but you […]

Indian Money-Money-Money

Travelling to India will also mean having to pay for all that delicious food and relics with Indian money, which can get pretty confusing for a foreigner. Worry not: here is everything deciphered. Symbol of the Indian Rupee So, we know that the Indian currency is Rupees(₹). Now, according to […]

The Magical Food in Tamilnadu

Rallying through India is full of excitement – but it’s also tiring. Let’s face the facts: you are bound to get hungry sooner or later. Fortunately, recharging is simple in Tamilnadu: you have come to a great place to satisfy your rumbling belly, the food  is simply amazing.   Tamilnadu […]