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December, 2015

Panaji, You Charming Little Thing!

goa or kerala

Also known by its old Portuguese name Panjim, the capital of Goa is a true gem to be discovered. With a small population of 114,759 inhabitants, you’ll feel like you’re in a safe cocoon and you’ll be surrounded with friendly faces all over the city. You can basically reach anything on […]

Chennai Floods and The Reasons Behind Them

The obvious reason for the floods in Tamilnadu is straightforward enough: India’s southern region hasn’t seen this much rain in over a century. However, as it turns out, there is a much more complicated answer to why the catastrophe escalated so quickly. By now, the water is gone in many parts […]

Devastating Floods in Chennai

Floods have swiftly, mercilessly hit Chennai after a whole rains of constant rains in November and December. The community, however, has really come together to help the victims of the floods; social media, hashtags like #chennairains, #ChennaiMicro and #chennairescue are used by volunteers and organizations providing help. Celebrities like the well-known […]