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Our Favourite Photos of Karnataka

24 July 2017
photos of karnataka

These photos of Karnataka show the state’s many treasures.

Photo by Drouyn Cambridge


Karnataka may not be the most famous state we visit on the India’s Cup minimal assistance rally. However, it is home to a variety of sites historical, natural, and spiritual. Within its large expanse there is much beauty, as these photos of Karnataka show.

Hampi in Light

Hampi in Dark


The Forest


Misty Lake

photos of karnataka

Photo by Swaminathan


Mysore Palace Gate

photos of karnataka

Photo by Spiros Vathis


Local Life

photos of karnataka

Photo by Navaneeth KN


The Sea, the Sky


Rolling Hills

photos of karnataka

Photo by Harsha K R


Shades of Green

Shades of Grey

photos of karnataka

Photo by Vinoth Chandar


photos of karnataka

Photo by Ashwin Kumar



photos of karnataka

Photos by Prasanth M J


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