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India's Cup

Are you looking to discover the true India? If so, join us on our India’s Cup drive-what-you-can car rally to explore India the best way you possibly can. This minimal-assistance adventure rally will have you bouncing across dusty roads, dodging cows, interacting with local cultures, and seeing places that very few tourists get to see!




Meet like-minded travellers and experience some community spirit along the road. Riding your own car is the best way to discover what the real India has to offer.



Anything you want to race in from cars to trucks or mopeds is okay with us. We like simple, cheap cars that are easy to fix so you get all the adventure of making friends in strange places without ending your race. Are you up for it?



We’ll drive across South India from Chennai to Goa. Our route will take us on country roads away from the dusty motorways, up into the Western Ghats, along the coast, through small villages. It’ll be a bumpy but fun ride!



April 22 to May 2, 2017


Discover the real India

The Journey

Across Indian roads

Explore the best of India. Discover the unique and local culture, taste the wonderful food, and more!

Trip Details

Start: April 22, 2017. Chennai, Tamilnadu
Finish: May 2, 2017. Panaji, Goa
Total length: 2389 km (1484 miles)
Duration: 11 days
Route Map


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Even though India's Cup is a minimal assistance rally, we’re still here to give you a helping hand with our special trip features. From hotel packages to the bare necessities, we have everything you need to make your adventure the best for your needs!

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